mp3 indir Cambio - You CONTROL Gravity - Team Beep Boop

Game Description

A 3D action video game where you can manipulate gravity itself. Flip around, walk on walls or the ceiling. Play with the physics of this strange and mysterious place. You’ll need to master this skill because it’s the only thing that’ll help you survive against the many dangers that lurk throughout this world. You CONTROL gravity.

In-editor look at part of the prototype level.

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These are gravity cubes

These are gravity cubes. You can shift their gravity if you are within range.

You’ll know when you’re close enough when they animate and light up.

They are used to unlock buttons located on ceilings and walls.

Better practice your gravity shifting!

Here’s a look from an early prototype at how Gravity Cubes work. Remember, you CONTROL gravity.

Fun times at Games Festivals

We had a ton of fun sharing our game with people at Indiecade, Indiespeak, and SMC. We got such valuable feedback. So good, in fact, that every night and morning we made more changes. So much, that we had a brand-new and improved build for every single day of these events. Players like you continue to make this game better and better. Give our game a try and make sure to leave some feedback either here, our, or the link in the game!

Constructive and honestly, amazing, feedback on how to visually convey the gravity shifting mechanic.
We love how this kind of game really pulls some people in while totally confuses others. Either way, this game is about gravity and it’s the kind of thing that takes time to master.
Some players really feel the gravity shifting. It’s fun to watch.
Mona (artist) and Noah (Programmer) setting up the booth at Indiespeak.
Trying to recreate gravity shifting in real life is harder than it looks! Andrés (programmer) and Susie (artist) having a fun time at our first Indiecade.
A beautiful corner of our world, that is based on the Moor period of ancient Spain.